1. Passive Income
    Learn to make 5 to 7 times more on your money than what the banks are paying, all secured by real estate.
  2. Sell Without Listing
    Sell your Residential or Commercial property fast for CASH, "As-Is", and No Repairs without having to list it with a real estate agent. We are a licensed real estate brokerage interested in BUYING for ourselves, or by someone in our network of CASH BUYERS, not LISTING.
  3. Commercial Funding
    Get funding for your Commercial projects, from $50K to $50MM for your Refinance or Acquistion needs. Some Non-Recourse available, and attractive terms.
  4. Investor Funding
    Whether looking to execute your Buy & Hold, or Flip strategy, funding available from $50K to $50MM. Wide range for Asset-Based lending as well.
  5. Buyers
    Get solid property leads that make sense for the discerning real estate investor. This includes, Single-Family, Multifamily, Commercial, and paper assets such as Notes and Tax Liens.
Who We Are
We speak "Investor" fluently
We work with institutional, and more savvy real estate investors in identifying potential real estate assets that maximize their returns.  We can also assist with the most effective disposition of the same when warranted.  We have over 28+ years of experience in the industry, and incorporate a fully licensed real estate brokerage.

We have worked with both institutional, and more experienced individual, real estate investors.  Targeted assets include Bulk Residential, Multifamily, Commercial, and Paper Assets (i.e. Notes & Tax Liens).  Whether the search is for a value-add opportunity, or a stabilized asset, we strive to meet those goals.

We also work with Passive Real Estate Investors that seek better returns on their investment.  That usually encompasses those that have funds they need to put to work, whether as disposable income or Self-Directed IRA, and don't have the time or desire to be intimately involved in the process.

We have an EXPERIENCED TEAM of industry professionals already in place to execute that process.  That includes:

  • Asset identification based on investor needs
  • Validation of asset
  • Asset valuation
  • Preliminary projected returns & initial project summary
  • Execution of all rehabilitation needs disclosed in project summary
  • Adherance to all terms of participation agreement 

We can also assist with any Commercial Funding needs on a case-by-case basis.  Whether it's for a targeted acquisition through us, or an existing project.
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I highly recommend Mr. Welch as a real estate specialist. The interaction with Mr. Welch is on the highest standards and at very professional level.
Mr. Welch is a seasoned real estate investor and at all times maintained highest level of service and advice and above all was reliable and genuine in his guidance and recommendation.    
Tair W. - Attorney & Principal, Israel
It was a such a pleasure working with Anthony Welch. He went above & beyond his means to make this a smooth experience for me......I would recommend his services to anyone.
Erica E. - Lithonia
The service I received from your company was outstanding and instrumental in securing the home that I wanted.
Garfield P. - Ellenwood
Buy & Hold
Fix & Flip
This is one strategy available to real estate investors in which the asset is typically retained for a minimum of 5 years.  This is an approach for those interesting in more long term gains.  It can also be executed through mutually beneficial Joint Venture strategies.
This is another strategy available to real estate investors that incorporates more of a short term goal.  Typically, no more than a 6-month timeframe.  The goal here is to rehabilitate the asset as quickly as possible, and liquidate to the retail end-buyer.  Can also be executed through the Joint Venture approach.
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