We pride ourselves on providing top asset-level sourcing services to institutional, and more experienced individual real estate investors.
We are a licensed real estate brokerage in Georgia with nearly 30 years of experience.  We are interested in buying property, as well as providing top asset-level sourcing services to the real estate investor community.   So often, property owners get caught up with real estate agents that list their property, put it on MLS, or some other means of marketing, and hope it sells.  Often returning over, and over, for repeated requests for price reductions. In some cases, a property owner attempts to sell on their own without success as well.
We are comprised of a team of professionals that understand these frustrations, but also have experience with efficiently purchasing properties.  We purchase properties with CASH, and can close quickly.  We will also purchase properties that are in need of repairs.  We make the repairs required to stabilize the asset.

We will always provide you with a quick and honest answer based on the property information provided to us, our business goals, firm due diligence, and what is in the best interest of a "win-win" situation for all involved. 
The Management

Anthony C. Welch

Real Estate Investment Consultant, Broker, & Financier

Mr. Welch manages a team of industry professionals to include General Contractors, Property Management, Tradesmen/Tradeswomen, Architectural Consultants, Environmental Consultants, and others on an as-needed basis.  Mr. Welch has been in the industry over 28 years, and prides himself on providing exemplary service to the real estate investment community.

Mr. Welch focuses primarily on asset-level sourcing services for institutional, and more experienced individual real estate investors.  Mr. Welch is also well adapted for the discerning real estate investor seeking passive income through joint venture modeling.

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