Interested in purchasing properties?

There are many strategies that can be used when buying investment property.  
The core principle is the same whether your preference is Single-Family Residential, or Commercial.   However, as of late, finding quality properties to invest in can be a chore.  One of the advantages of using our services is that we speak investor fluently.

We are not blindly sending you properties.  We send you properties that fit your detailed acquisition criteria (i.e. asset class, geographic area, square footage, # units, cap rate, etc...), and we understand what the real estate investor is looking for to maximize their investment.

In addition, we have actually rehabbed properties in the past so we understand what it takes to get one done.  From initially identifying the asset, to estimating rehab costs, to dealing with contractors.  We already have a team in place.  

You can simply fill out the form to be placed on our VIP Buyers List. The more detailed you are in your acquisition criteria, the better we may be able to send you properties that will be of interest.


Acquisition Criteria
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