Condos and Scattered Single Family

Varied commercial real estate loans for portfolios of Fractured Condos, Multifamily and Scattered Single Family Homes.

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Fractured Condo, Scattered Single and Multi-Family Portfolios

Acquisition Financing                 Rented Stable Portfolios

Interest Rates               Starting 8%                                  Starting at 5.5%

Loan Amount                Up to 80% of Cost                    Up to 75% LTV
                                              1:25 DSC Minimum                 1:20 DSC Minimum

Term                                   12 - 24 Months                           5 - 10 Years

Loan Amount                $1 M to $50 Million                 $500 K to $100 Million

Closing Times               3 - 4 Weeks                                   4 - 6 Weeks

Recourse                                                                                       NONE

Loan Cost                                                                                     1.5% under $3M, 1% over $3M

Assumable                                                                                   YES

Appraisals                                                                                     required for values over $250,000
BPO                                                                                                  for values under $250,000

Underwriting Cost                                                                  $200/property for all due diligence

Lender Legal Costs                                                                  5,000 ($2,000 for loan amounts under $1M)

Pre-Payments: 5 year is 4.5 years yield maint, 10 year is 9.5 years yield maint.

Sell offs: Each property assigned a loan amount and is paid off at 120%. Loans above $5M we
                    can substitute assets to avoid prepays.

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