Sell Your Note

Are you collecting small monthly payments?
Why wait years to collect small monthly payments when
you can sell your mortgage note(s) for the CA$H you need today?

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We can pay  CASH for Notes:
  • Secured by Residential and Commercial real estate
  • Created from the sale of a business
  • ... and many other types of Notes.
Types of Notes we consider:
  • Performing & Non-Performing Mortgage
  • Seller-Financed Real Estate Notes
  • Notes secured by:  Single-Family Residences, Multifamily, Commercial, & Land
The Process:
  1.  Request an offer for your Note(s)
  2.  We perform our due diligence
  3.  We forward you our offer for review
  4.  We complete the sale
Options For Selling Your Note(s):
Full Purchase:
       - You can sell the entire Note, receive your CASH and move on.
       - We purchase the remaining payments at Closing.
       - You have no remaining liability to the Borrower in case of default.
       - This option provides you (as the Note Seller) with the largest amount of
         CASH - Right Now!
Partial Purchase:
       - We purchase a specific number of payments.
       - You retain all rights to the remaining payments after our interest is satisfied.
       - This option provides you (as the Note Seller) with less cash than if  we 
         purchased all remaining payments on your Note.  Some may find this option
         advantageous for any number of reasons that are specific to their situation.
Initial documents we will need:
     - The Original Note(s)
     - Borrower's Payment History
            a.  Payment history report from third-party loan servicing company; or

            b.  Other primary-source documents that reliably evidence payments:
                 ** Such as, Bank deposit slips or account statements that clearly show the
                      date and amount of each payment; or copies of cancelled checks
We will pay all "routine" closing costs.

Closing Costs that WE typically pay for "Seasoned" Loans
Appraisal ($450 - $550)
Title Insurance (typically, 1% of amount owed on Note)
Escrow fees ($400 - $500)
Recording fees ($75 - $150)
Tax certificates ($75 - $150)
Credit Report ($35 - $50)
Courier / Overnight document delivery fees

Closing Costs that YOU pay
​Fees for legal or other work needed so that you can provide us with marketable and insurable title.

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